Student Leadership

Student Leadership Positions

Since the majority of Olney Friends School students live on campus, the school becomes their home for about eight months per year. Aligning with the Quaker value of stewardship, students are expected to be good stewards and hosts of their home.

Each year, students are given the opportunity to take on a series of additional leadership opportunities that allow them to assume a larger role in the maintenance, governance, and promotion of Olney Friends School.

These positions, and their student nominees, are as follows:

Dish Crew Leaders: Ipsi Castillo-Moreira, Josh Bennett

Office Work Graders: Rachel Smith, Devra Roberts, EmilioValverde, Lichen Yang

Spiritual Life Committee: Malaya Tindongan, Lauren Collier, Rowan Fahl-Matlack, Madeleine Erb, Joe Velick, Ipsi Castillo-Moreira, Ethan Wise

Disciplinary Committee: Antonia Sigmon, Emilio Valverde, Lichen Yang, David Ulin-O’Keefe

Curriculum Assistant: Madeleine Erb

Self-Government Leaders: Abraham Song, Madeleine Erb, Gareth Zahnke-Basuki, Tate Shannon

Dorm Staff: Lauren Collier, Madeleine Erb, Cat Owens, Antonia Sigmon, Devra Roberts, Ipsi Castillo-Moreira (Governess); Rowan Fahl-Matlack, Josh Bennett, Lichen Yang, Joe Veick, Abraham Song, Emilio Valverde (Governor), David Ulin-O’Keefe (Governor)

Community Meeting Leaders: Josh Bennett, Lichen Yang

Class Officers:

10th Grade (Malaya Tindongan, Co-Clerk; James Leek, Co-Clerk; Eric Li, Co-Historian; Emma Guy, Co-Historian)

11th Grade (Josh Bennett, Class President; Joe Velick, Treasurer; Cat Owens, Class Clerk)

12th Grade (Emilio Valverde, Class Clerk; Ipsi Castillo-Moreira, Treasurer; Devra Roberts, Secretary)