Faculty Directory

Sandy Sterrett
Assistant Farmer

Email: sandy@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 225

Sandy came to Olney in 1999 and now serves as assistant farm manager for the school. She oversees vegetable production and helps to manage the livestock, especially the chickens and goats. Sandy often helps with courses in Biology, Algebra I, Health and electives. She coaches Animal Farm Team and Vegetable Farm Team and assists Humanities teachers with farm-based projects.

Sandy holds a master’s degree in zoology from Ohio State University, and she is an experienced community organizer (aka “hard-working hippy”), teacher, government policy writer and manager. She also has been a small business owner and manager of an organic farm.

Sandy is passionate about agriculture and Farmall cub tractors. She likes to cook – especially using her own home-grown ingredients. While she loves reading (English mystery and science fiction/fantasy for escape, history and agriculture in the non-fiction category) and hanging out with her faithful beagle, Beauford, she most enjoys relaxing with her children and grandchildren.

Olney Friends School Soccer
Humanities, Athletic Director

Email: jamie@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 211

Humanities teacher and athletic director Jamie Zavitz is no stranger to Olney Friends School. Now in his fourth year as a member of the faculty, Jamie brings decades of education experience to his alma mater. A “faculty brat” in his youth, Jamie, who is also the school’s head soccer coach, played for Olney and collegiately at Earlham College, where he majored in history. He also has a masters degree in teaching. In addition to his humanities coursework, Jamie teaches Quakerism and offers a popular guitar elective.

Sorghum Festival
Farm, Kitchen, Maintenance

Mark Hibbett came to Olney during the summer of 2015 to work as a farm intern and decided to stay on full-time during the school year. Mark now splits his time on campus between work on the farm, the kitchen and the maintenance department. Before coming to Olney, Mark worked in addiction counseling in Florida and with the after school youth program at Laughlin Memorial Chapel in Wheeling, WV. He also has experience with gardening, and was excited to learn more about farming at Olney.

Connie Collins
Spanish, Girls Dorm

Email: connie@olneyfriends.org

Connie Collins comes to Olney from (relatively) nearby Canton, Ohio. She is a graduate of Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, where she double-majored in Spanish and Zoology. In addition to teaching four units of Spanish this year, Connie also works as a girls dorm sponsor. Connie is joined on campus by her pet rat, Jerry.

Rory Beck
Boys Dorm Head, Chemistry

Email: rory@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655

Eric Lundblade
Humanities, Boys Dorm

Email: ericl@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 212

Eric is excited to start his third year as a teacher at Olney. He comes to us by way of Philadelphia, where the Quaker tradition of social justice left a deep impression on him. While in Philadelphia, Eric earned a B.A. in History from Haverford College and an M.A. in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. He has taught Humanities 11 in the past, and will continue teaching a survey of US History as an evening endeavor which students can sign up for in individual four-week sections. He will also be co-facilitating an Endeavor on dystopian literature. He is passionate about helping students take ownership over their own goals and curiosities. In his spare time, he pursues his goal of running 26.2 miles in increasingly short amounts of time.

Tina Neiswonger
Business Office Asst.

Email: tina@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 232

Born and raised in Barnesville, Ohio, Tina started working in the Business Office at Olney in March 2012. Tina graduated from Barnesville High School and earned an associate degree in mental health technology from Belmont College. She worked as a fiscal assistant at Belmont Senior Services for six years. Tina is married with three children and seven grandchildren.

“Working at Olney has been an awesome experience, and I really enjoy the students,” she said. “I feel blessed to be part of a wonderful community where the students come together from very different backgrounds and live, learn and socialize together.”

Sue Grimes
Academics/Development Asst.

Email: sue@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 253

Sue came to Olney in May 2012 after working in the Treasurer’s Office of the Barnesville public school system for 15 years. She previously worked as a bank teller, in the records office at Belmont College and a few other places in between.

“My family is my life. My husband of 35 years and my two daughters (ages 24 and 27) keep that life very interesting!” she said, noting that the family recently added two new members: twin grandchildren named Grant Alexander and Kali Adelle. “I also come from a family with six siblings, all of whom are still very close, and we are blessed to have all the family support!”

In her free time, Sue enjoys reading and crocheting and loving her two dogs.

“I really enjoy being at Olney because I am learning so much by meeting and interacting with the students here,” she added.

Dan Adams

Email: dadams@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 231

Dan has been a fixture in the Maintenance Department at Olney Friends School since February 2001. His duties at the school range from summer painting to needed plumbing, construction and vehicle repairs. During the mowing season, Dan can regularly be found beautifying the grounds from the seat of a John Deere tractor.

“I like the people, and I just love the place,” Dan said of Olney. “It feels like home to me, since I have been here for so long.”

Born and raised in Marshall County, W.Va., Dan worked for the city of Glen Dale for 22 years, serving as assistant street commissioner. He previously lived in Barnesville, but he and wife Jean now reside in Bethesda, where she owns and operates the Village Barber Shop.

Dan has a daughter, a step-daughter (Cindy Hoffman `04) and three grandchildren. In his spare time, he tinkers in a variety of art forms such as drawing and woodworking. He is a big fan of Westerns and cowboys, and he is fascinated with all aspects of American Civil War history. He also serves the community in a special way – for 35 years, he has portrayed Santa Claus for various holiday events.

Emily Carton
Academic Coordinator

Email: emily@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 217

Originally from the New York metro area, Emily joined the Olney community in 2013 after working for several years with a Philadelphia-based venture capital firm and charter school network. Having gone to an “alternative” democratic high school herself, Emily’s favorite part of working at Olney has been helping to empower students to shape their various communities through her “Ethics in Action” course, her work with Self-Gov and with the Girls’ Dorm, and through various student-initiated and student-led activities, such as a Skype Speaker Series. She loves that Olney genuinely respects student voices, a philosophy that she believes cultivates strong, community-minded individuals who are not afraid to effect positive change.

Outside of the classroom, Emily can almost always be found with a crossword puzzle. She’s also fond of Ultimate Frisbee (which she coaches), fresh Olney vegetables, political documentaries, traveling to new places, her cat (Artemis), and her husband (see “Eric Lundblade”).

Roger Reynolds
Technology Director/Humanities

Email: roger@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 252

Roger serves Olney as its Technology Director and as a teacher of Senior Humanities, Digital Filmmaking, Film Studies, Quakerism and Web Design.

Roger has more than 20 years’ experience in information technology and has taught English and Humanities for 17-plus years at the college and secondary levels. He loves art, cinema, literature and writing, and he sees technology as a way to enable creative expression.

“There is nothing better, or more enriching, than working collaboratively on a creative project, like a film, or designing and writing a book, or planning a poetry slam,” Roger said. “In my classes, I try to show kids the connection between how they relate to each other and the work they produce and the person they are trying to become. Together, we do truly excellent work and have an insane amount of fun!”

Roger lives on campus with his wife, Diane, who teaches English at Ohio University Eastern. All three of his children are Olney graduates.

Ken Hinshaw - Olney Head of School
Head of School

Email: ken@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 226

Ken Hinshaw took the reins as Head of School in July 2015. The 1974 graduate of OFS and native of Barnesville brings extensive experience as an educator and a leader, as well as a deep, multi-generational connection to the Olney community. Ken’s headship at OFS will continue a long family tradition of attending and serving Olney.

Ken spent more than a decade on staff at Scattergood Friends School, where Ken filled the roles of teacher, coach, advisor, farm manager, business manager and academic coordinator. He was director of Scattergood for eight years.

Regarding his decision to take the helm at Olney, Ken said, “It feels right for me, and it feels right for the school. It definitely feels like a homecoming to return to the place where I was born, where I met my wife, where I went to school and where I met my earliest friends. It’s quite a journey back to a very important place for me. It’s an honor and an exciting adventure.”

Ken holds an MBA from the University of Denver and was a State of Colorado Fellowship recipient. He earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from Beloit College in Wisconsin, where he received a Hays-Fullbright award and played varsity soccer.

Jeff Howell

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 224

Vicky Lowry
Main Office

Email: vicki@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 203

Anne Marie Taber

Email: annemarie@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 210

Don Guindon
Farm Manager

Email: don@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 225

Joseph Sullivan
College Counselor

Email: jsullivan@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 214

Eric Simmons
Kitchen Manager

Email: eric@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 224

Aaron Schultz
Director of Admissions

Email: aaron@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 223

Shelley Rockwell
Business Manager

Email: shelley@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 202

Shelley Scott Rockwell is a 1982 graduate of Olney Friends School and currently serves as the Business Manager. She is married to Joel Rockwell, a member of the Olney Class of 1983. An avid quilter, Shelley is known among students for her ability with a needle and thread and all sorts of other handiwork. She can often be found gardening, tidying up spaces all around campus or lending a hand with anything that happens to be going on.

Shelley holds an AAS in Plant Science and Landscape Design. She has two children, Anna, age 25, and Brian, age 28.

Sorghum Festival
Math, Boys Dorm

Email: phineas@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 213

Olney Friends School Soccer
Dean of Students

Email: micah@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 219

Leonard Guindon

Email: leonard@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 235

Science and math teacher Leonard Guindon has spent much of his life at Olney. He grew up on the farm, living in the Taber Farmhouse with his parents, Clifford ’41 & Dorothy (Bedell) (Hon.) Guindon, and siblings Dale ’67, Don ’74, Lloyd ’77 & Janet Hammer ’76. Leonard graduated from Olney in 1970.

He and wife Legenia have three children: Jesse, Micah and Gabe. Leonard holds a BS in Agriculture from
Wilmington College and was named Ohio Conservation Teacher of the Year in 2009.