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Ken Hinshaw - Olney Head of School

Email: ken@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 226

Ken Hinshaw took the reins as Head of School in July 2015. The 1974 graduate of OFS and native of Barnesville brings extensive experience as an educator and a leader, as well as a deep, multi-generational connection to the Olney community. Ken’s headship at OFS will continue a long family tradition of attending and serving Olney.

Ken spent more than a decade on staff at Scattergood Friends School, where Ken filled the roles of teacher, coach, advisor, farm manager, business manager and academic coordinator. He was director of Scattergood for eight years.

Regarding his decision to take the helm at Olney, Ken said, “It feels right for me, and it feels right for the school. It definitely feels like a homecoming to return to the place where I was born, where I met my wife, where I went to school and where I met my earliest friends. It’s quite a journey back to a very important place for me. It’s an honor and an exciting adventure.”

Ken holds an MBA from the University of Denver and was a State of Colorado Fellowship recipient. He earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from Beloit College in Wisconsin, where he received a Hays-Fullbright award and played varsity soccer.

Email: lorin@olneyfriends.org

Lorin Kinney is a resident of Barnesville, Ohio, but is originally from Elkins, West Virginia. She is a graduate of Marshall University, where she received a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Environmental Science specializing in aquatic ecology.  Lorin started working at Olney as Assistant to the Head of School in May 2016.  Lorin and her husband enjoy hiking with their husky, kayaking, and SCUBA diving.

Kristal McGee

Email: kristal@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 226

As Business Manager, Kristal brings 25 years of business and facilities management experience to Olney.

A lifelong resident of Barnesville, she enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with her family and her best friend, Buddy.​ Kristal loves being a part of the Olney family. “Olney is truly a special place. The students and faculty are awesome and I look forward to coming to work every day.”

Tina Neiswonger

Email: tina@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 232

Born and raised in Barnesville, Ohio, Tina started working in the Business Office at Olney in March 2012. Tina graduated from Barnesville High School and earned an associate degree in mental health technology from Belmont College. She worked as a fiscal assistant at Belmont Senior Services for six years. Tina is married with three children and seven grandchildren.

“Working at Olney has been an awesome experience, and I really enjoy the students,” she said. “I feel blessed to be part of a wonderful community where the students come together from very different backgrounds and live, learn and socialize together.”

Vicki Lowry

Email: vicki@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 203

Aaron Schultz

Email: aaron@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 223

Aaron Schultz is the Director of Admissions and Web Coordinator at Olney Friends School. Before coming to Olney in 2014, he worked for nearly a decade managing residential living facilities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He has also worked as a college writing lab aid, part-time event DJ, manager of websites and social media platforms for independent authors, polysomnography technician, and was pretty decent at bagging groceries at one point. He holds undergraduate degrees from Belmont College and West Virginia University at Parkersburg with an interdisciplinary focus in English, psychology and philosophy and recently began work on a graduate degree in Educational Leadership.

Aaron has also worked as a dorm staff and teaches Endeavors ranging from social media and web development to metaphysics. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, road trips, attending concerts, and exploring campus with Weezer, his dog friend.

Email: acarpenter@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-238-1006 (Admissions Cell Phone)

I have had family in Barnesville all my life. I graduated from Belmont College with an Associates of Science degree in Criminal Justice and continued my education at Ohio University Eastern completing coursework in Communications. I have always had an interest in teaching children and found myself working within the public school system before coming to Olney. I have yet to experience a bad day at Olney. I enjoy the students and staff and find the learning model unique as well as ideal! I learn as much from the students as they learn each day. I enjoy time with my family, including my three children, hanging out with friends, cooking, and shopping.

Olney Friends School Soccer

Email: micah@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 219

Sorghum Festival

Email: phineas@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 213

Phineas Gosselink has nearly thirty years of experience in formal and informal education, ranging from teaching wilderness skills in Vermont and AP Calculus in New York, to cooperatively developing horse traction agriculture in indigenous communities in Bolivia. Since joining the Olney faculty in 2012, he has taught Honors Literature, several social justice courses, and all levels of math from Geometry to PostCalculus. This year he’s also taken on responsibility for academic administration. Phineas graduated from St John’s College in Annapolis, MD and earned an M.Ed. in Curricular Design from Antioch University in Keene, NH. He lives in the dorm with his cat, and has been a practicing Friend since 1975.

Email: jsullivan@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 214

Joe holds a B.A. in History from Dominican College and an M.S. in Education: School Counseling from Long Island University. Joe spent eight years working in the admissions department of Dominican College in Sparkill, NY, beginning as an admissions intern and leaving with the title of Senior Admissions Counselor. In September of 2014, he moved his family (Nicole, his wife, and Ella, his then seven-month-old daughter) to Olney’s campus serving as the Director of Admissions until March 2016. He now serves as the College and Academic Counselor.

Don Guindon

Email: don@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 225

Community Projects at Olney

Email: mark@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 225

Mark Hibbett came to Olney during the summer of 2015 to work as a farm intern and decided to stay on full-time during the school year. Mark now works as the assistant farm manager and oversees the school’s Farm Team. Before coming to Olney, Mark worked in addiction counseling in Florida and with the after school youth program at Laughlin Memorial Chapel in Wheeling, WV. He also has experience with gardening.

Eric Simmons

Email: eric@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 224


Roger Reynolds

Email: roger@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 252

Roger serves Olney as its Technology Director and as a teacher of Senior Humanities, Digital Filmmaking, Film Studies, Quakerism and Web Design.

Roger has more than 20 years’ experience in information technology and has taught English and Humanities for 17-plus years at the college and secondary levels. He loves art, cinema, literature and writing, and he sees technology as a way to enable creative expression.

“There is nothing better, or more enriching, than working collaboratively on a creative project, like a film, or designing and writing a book, or planning a poetry slam,” Roger said. “In my classes, I try to show kids the connection between how they relate to each other and the work they produce and the person they are trying to become. Together, we do truly excellent work and have an insane amount of fun!”

Roger lives on campus with his wife, Diane, who teaches English at Ohio University Eastern. All three of his children are Olney graduates.

Christopher Hinshaw

Email: chris@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655


Christopher has been teaching, coaching and serving in a variety of administrative roles in independent schools since 1986, including serving as Head of School at Scattergood Friends School. He has a B.A. in Peace Studies from Bethel College and a M.A. in the Social Foundations of Education from the University of Iowa. Christopher teaches Junior humanities and assists in admissions, development and alumni relations.

Olney Friends School Soccer

Email: jamie@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 211

Humanities teacher and athletic director Jamie Zavitz is no stranger to Olney Friends School. Now in his fifth year as a member of the faculty, Jamie brings decades of education experience to his alma mater. A “faculty brat” in his youth, Jamie, who is also the school’s head soccer coach, played for Olney and collegiately at Earlham College, where he majored in history. He also has a masters degree in teaching. In addition to his humanities coursework, Jamie teaches Quakerism and offers a popular guitar elective.

Jessa Martin

Email: jessa@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655

My name is Jessa Martin and I will be teaching Humanities for Grade 9.  I am a graduate of UMBC in Baltimore, Maryland.  I have my BA in History with a focus on education and an ESL accreditation.  Previously I have taught at the Perkiomen School and the Cardigan Mountain School. I believe that teaching history doesn’t have to be all book work; in fact, I try to avoid that as much as possible!  I, myself, have studied abroad in Wales and have worked with the US Department of State in Romania as an outreach specialist for American Education.

I love to Swim and do yoga.  During my time at OFS I will be in charge of the waterfront during the warmer months to allow our students access to Livezey Lake.  I also am an incredibly voracious reader and lover of the the AU Star Trek.  In High School I was a cheerleader and a youth cheer coach and I hope to institute a program at OFS.  I am also very proud of being a published poet.

I come from a big family and am the oldest of 4 with 2 boys in the middle and the baby girl.  Due to the age gap, I have both the tendencies of an only child and of the eldest.  As sponsor of the South Dorm, I want to bring about a larger sense of fraternity among the boarders and make the dorm it’s own family unit.  I am excited to plan events that will foster the sense of a dorm community and the OFS community as a whole.

“There has never been a statue erected to the memory of someone who let well enough alone.”
―Jules Ellinger

Leonard Guindon

Email: leonard@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655 Ext. 235

Science and math teacher Leonard Guindon has spent much of his life at Olney. He grew up on the farm, living in the Taber Farmhouse with his parents, Clifford ’41 & Dorothy (Bedell) (Hon.) Guindon, and siblings Dale ’67, Don ’74, Lloyd ’77 & Janet Hammer ’76. Leonard graduated from Olney in 1970.

He and wife Legenia have three children: Jesse, Micah and Gabe. Leonard holds a BS in Agriculture from Wilmington College and was named Ohio Conservation Teacher of the Year in 2009.

Cynthia Walker

Email: cynthia@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655

Cynthia Walker joins us from Kent State University, where she was teaching English for Technology and Math in the ESL Center. Before she became a teacher, she was an engineer and programmer, working for IBM and NASA, among others. She enjoys listening to live music, reading, and playing with her cat, Mika.

Connie Collins

Email: connie@olneyfriends.org
Phone: 740-425-3655

Connie Collins comes to Olney from (relatively) nearby Canton, Ohio. She is a graduate of Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, where she double-majored in Spanish and Zoology. In addition to teaching four units of Spanish this year, Connie also works as a girls dorm sponsor. Connie is joined on campus by her pet rat, Jerry.

Alaine Peaslee-Hinshaw

Email: alaine@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655

Alaine has been an art teacher and artist since 1986.  She earned a Masters of Art in teaching from Webster University and B.A. degrees in art and sociology from Bethel College, after attending Beloit College.  She has owned and run an art studio, an art business and an art gallery in St. Louis prior to joining the faculty at Olney.  Alaine served on the art faculty at Whitfield School in St. Louis for fourteen years. She began her teaching career at Scattergood Friends School and is excited to return to a Friends educational community.

Jake Hunkler

Email: jake@olneyfriends.org

Phone: 740-425-3655

I am Jake, a twenty-six-year-old native of Maine. I grew up on a small island off the coast, in a town of seven hundred people. Throughout my life I have been fortunate enough to travel, both on my own and with my family. Overall my travels have meant that I have spent over a fifth of my life outside the country, living in places like Kenya, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and Australia to name a few. As a result I can speak basic Spanish and Swahili.

For the past six years I have been the crew leader, running a team of seaweed harvesters in Downeast Maine, an hour and a half east of Bar Harbor. I used the job to pay for my schooling so that I could get my degree in History with a focus on historical perspective and was just short of my creative writing minor (they changed the curriculum last minute). It was a seasonal job running from May-October, so I used my off season as a chance to explore the world a bit more, spending time in Ireland, the UK, returning to Kenya several times, and exploring more of South America. I chose to leave seaweed harvesting and come to Olney because I felt it was time to follow the career I have wanted to have since I was in the third grade: to become a high school teacher. I am very excited to see how my year of being an intern unfolds

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Olney Friends School is an independent, co-educational, college preparatory boarding and day school offering individualized instruction in small class settings for grades 9-12.

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